Affordable Super Bowl Party Ideas

January 29, 2019

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The Super Bowl is just a few days away and the perfect excuse to get some friends and/or family together to watch the big game (or maybe just the commercials, wink). I believe you can entertain without breaking the bank, so here are some fun and affordable Super Bowl Party ideas to inspire you!

This No Sew Football Field Table Runner doesn't require any sewing skills and will set the scene for all of your other snacks and decorations. All you need is some dark green felt and narrow white Duck Tape and scissors.

You can buy 72" wide felt (on the bolt) at fabric stores or at most Walmart stores. I got 2/3 of a yard and paid $2.65 for it. Then I used a straight edge and a piece of chalk to cut off the excess because I wanted it to be 60" long by 15" wide. Then, I added a 15" piece of white tape at the beginning (0") middle (30"), and end (60"). Then measure and mark with chalk every 6 inches and add a 15" piece of tape over your mark.

Next, mark every 1.5" inches between each long piece of tape (measure from the center of the long piece of tape to the center of the next piece of long tape. These marks are where you will add either a 2" or 1" piece of tape.Note: The first time I made this, I used a white Scotch tape that didn't stick well enough. I recommend the .75" narrow white mini Duck Tape, it worked well for me. You really need sharp fabric scissors to cut the felt but don't use those to cut the Duck Tape because it can leave a sticky residue on your scissors. Lastly, this isn't washable. You can spot clean with a damp cloth.

These Referee Drinks were incredibly simple. I used a .69 piece of black and white striped scrapbook paper (Michals Craft) and cut it into strips wide enough and long enough to cover the lable on your choice of drink.

I used A&W Rootbeer bottles and the paper need to be approximately 3" tall x 8" long. Tape the paper together with clear tape. Then, I purchased a 12 pack of metal whistles from Zurchers for just over $6. They came with blue strings and I wanted green, so I cut off the long blue string and added 12" of my own green twine (Dollar Tree - home improvement section). Knot the string and hang it over. It probably only took me 15  minutes to make 12 of these cute drinks.

The Penalty and Challenge Flag Favors are so cute and so easy! They are just paper napkins filled with M&M's (or any small candy).Just fill a small baggie with around 1/4 cup of M&M's. Open the napkin all of the way up and set the M&M's in the center. Draw up the sides and tightly tie a string around it to keep the napkin closed. I double knotted my string and cut off the "tails" because that makes it look more like a football flag and your guests can just rip through the napkin to eat the M&M's.

Ok, you guys I am dying over how this DIY Lombardi Trophy turned out! It is going to make the cutest centerpiece. Plus, it was SOOO cheap!


To make your own Super Bowl Lombardi Trophy, you will need a vase and foam football. I got both of mine at Dollar Tree. You will also need hot glue and silver spray paint. Since I already had spray paint and hot glue, this only cost me $2 and took around 10 minutes to make.

Start by pressing the foam football into the top of the vase at an angle. This will leave an impression which I traced with a Sharpie and then cut open with a sharp knife. Attach the football to the vase using hot glue and spray paint it silver when the hot glue has dried. Voila, you have your own Lombardi Trophy!

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