Rice Dyed Easter Eggs

April 19, 2019

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Easter Eggs Dyed with Rice - Coupons4UtahWe dye Easter Eggs every year at our house. We usually use the store bought kits with cups and color tablets. This year I wanted to try something new, Rice Dyed Easter Eggs!

IngredientsAll you need are eggs, regular plain old rice, gallon size zip top bags and gel food coloring. I also used plastic knives (to dig the food coloring out) and disposable gloves. You don't NEED either of these but the plastic knives are disposable and the gloves will keep your hands from getting stained by the food coloring. (I did try using liquid food coloring and it worked but you will need to use a lot of coloring because the rice soaked it up pretty quickly. Also, the liquid food coloring will produce softer, less vibrant colors.)

Rice Eggs

Another thing I like is that you can shake the egg in the colored rice for a long time and get a darker more solid look or shake them a shorter time for a more speckled look.

Rice Eggs Close Up

Last, I thought it was cleaner than using those store bought kits. My kids seem to always spill, drip or splash the colored water and get impatient waiting for the eggs to get dyed as dark as they want them. The only messy part of this process was removing the egg from the bag of rice. My fingers got very colorful and I had to wash my hands often to keep from transferring the color on my fingers to the next color of egg. The disposable gloves kept my hands cleaner but you will have to change them with each color.

Feature Image Rice Eggs


  1. Pour 2/3 cup rice into a gallon size zip top bag.
  2. Put about 1 tsp of gel food coloring into the rice.
  3. Close the bag and shake the bag to spread the coloring all over the rice.
  4. Put a hard boiled egg in the bag with the rice. Zip the bag shut and shake until you get the desired level of coloring onto the egg.
  5. Remove the egg from the rice and set back into the egg carton to dry.


Watch the video above to see how easy this method of coloring eggs really is. Subscribe to my Youtube channel here >>

Rice Eggs 2*Note - One of the downsides is that they gel food coloring stayed a little sticky on the eggs that we shook for a long time to make them more of a solid look. Even after several days in the fridge, the color got on our hands. It was much less with the lightly speckled eggs but I wouldn't recommend handling them a lot.

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