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May 22, 2017

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Have you heard about the Smith's Food and Drug online shopping program? It’s called ClickList and to say I was thrilled when Smith's asked me to give it a try and gave me a store tour of how it works. To say that I'm totally in love would be a lie, I'm cuckoo for it.

Smith's online shopping clicklist

How ClickList Works

Smith's shoppers place their order online and then are able to pick it up curbside without ever leaving your vehicle. What a fabulous idea for busy moms, elderly people, and those that have to hit the store after work.

Start by going to Smith's Food and Drug website and click on the "ClickList" tab and login to your Smith's account. Then simply add your items to your cart. As I was browsing I did not notice any price difference from what was in the store on both advertised and unadvertised sales. 

After completing your shopping you'll be asked to schedule delivery and you'll recieve a confirmation of your purchase immediately via email. When your scheduled day and time arrive just pull up to the ClickList pick-up location and call the special phone number on the sign at your location.

Can You Use Coupons with ClickList?

While I did not have any coupons for this order. The cashier asked me if I did and informed me that had I had any coupons to present she would manually deduct them the same way they do at self-checkout; your digital coupons will deduct automatically. While you pay for your order they load your car, and you are off. It's a wonderful thing! 

What Locations are Participating?

There are tons of stores participating in the ClickList program. To find your nearest on, just visit the Smith's Food and Drug website and click on "ClickList" then enter your zip code.


Clicklist Smith's Sale Items

ClickList is easy to navigate and I love the easy to find special “Sale Items for You” section that populates a list of items you frequently purchase in one location.I think I had over half my shopping done within 5 minutes courtesy of this section.

Clicklist Smith's Special Instructions

ClickList will also save your items that you add over time in your profile. This makes it very handy to add things throughout the week, like items you initially had forgotten, ingredients for a new recipe or some quick additions for weekend company.

Fussy about picking your own groceries? Take advantage of the special notes section, where you can add special requests.

Overall, I was very happy with the ease of ordering and the results of my grocery purchase. Without any special instructions my food came out as well as if I had picked it myself. It's much quicker than building a grocery list and then wandering the store. It also has the potential to save you a huge amount of money because you are less likely to add unnecessary things to your cart. I also found that it made building a week's meal plan really easy.

If I were to have one complaint it would be that a wish for everything on sale to appear in one section of the site. Aside from that, I am thrilled with this new way of shopping.

Have you tried Smith's ClickList already? What did you think?

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3 Responses

  1. Do you know if you would get Catalina's or if it would give you mega ega sale discounts?
    • I'm not sure about Catalina's. I'll be trying that out for a separate article on You can use coupons and they told me that the Mega items would ring up as Mega items if purchased in the correct quantities. However, they aren't indicated on the website and the pricing shows before the Mega item discount. So, you'll need to be certain you are purchasing the correct item that's on sale.
    • Cat
      I've used click list 3 times and never have received register coupons with my receipt. I wish I did.
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