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October 4, 2018

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As we are getting into the cold and wet weather not only are the Halloween Spiders coming out, the outdoor spiders are coming in. After a few years of just vacuuming them up when we spotted them our our basement, we discovered a big infestation. I had been seeing on the news about an increase in Black Widow's in Utah for some reason.

I'm not really a spider-phobe. In fact I enjoy seeing them around the garden and actually went to great lengths to protect an cat face orb weaver that was hanging around our house a while ago. But, with grandkids running around, after finding black widows in the basement and window wells, I felt it was time to take some precautions.

We went with a company called Staker Extermination. They were super quick to come out and more affordable than I had thought. I had Staker skip doing the outside perimeter of my house and just stick to the foundations and window wells. They also come inside and spray and I haven't seen a basement dweller since.

It turns out they don't just spot spray the way many others do. They spray from top to bottom and create a barrier designed to keep the bugs out. Plus, I was excited to find they not only control spiders if you have a problem with ants, hornets and wasps, skunks, raccoons, grub or any other outdoor pest. They did a full inspection of our yard and found we also had a bit of standing water with mosquito larva in it, and are even helping with lawn grub. The husband and wife team are so super friendly, I've really been impressed.

If you need some help getting rid of pests around the house (spouses and kids excluded) give them a call. Be sure to mention Coupons4Utah for a discount.

Staker Extermination -(801)634-8166

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  1. This post came perfect timing as I was searching for a good and affordable exterminator ! I highly recommend staker extermination ! Just as the post said they’re impressive !!
  2. I am having a lot of fun figuring out where you want comments. Needless to say we appreciate your thorough and intensive inspection. Looking forward to your next inspection. Looking forward to a bug free winter.
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