Remove Scratches From Your Dishes

June 27, 2018

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How to get rid of scratches on dishes - Coupons4Utah

If you are like me and you have these gray silverware marks/scratches on your plates from cutting food or spoon marks on your mugs from stirring drinks with a spoon, I have an inexpensive way to help you remove scratches from your dishes and make them look new!

How to get rid of scratches on dishes - Coupons4UtahAbout 2 years ago, I purchased two sets of plain white dishes at IKEA. I love them because they are white and go with everything and I can dress them up or down. But less than 2 years later and they are covered in these gray scratches from our silverware.  I don't know what causes these marks. It could be cheap silverware but mine is pretty nice. Maybe cheap dishes? Maybe my kids are just super hard on everything!

How to get rid of scratches on dishes - Coupons4UtahI was about to buy two new dinnerware sets (even at IKEA, it would have set me back between $40-$80) when a friend told me to try Bar Keepers Friend. I had never noticed this cleaner on the cleaning isle before. This can was less than $2.00, so it was worth a try.

Scrubbing plate with Bar Keepers FriendJust sprinkle some on each plate and rub with a damp cloth. You really don't want your rag to be too wet or it will quickly dissolve the cleanser. What you want is to make it a paste and scrub it around until the marks have been buffed out. It took a little elbow grease but only about 30-60 seconds per plate for the marks to disappear. Since it's a cleaner, I stuck them in the dishwasher and it looked like I had all new plates!

How to get rid of scratches on dishes - Coupons4UtahYou can see the difference in this before and after! I am so glad to find out about this trick, it was super fast and saved me a ton of money! Now I am off to try it on my stainless steel sink (the can says it's great on that too). **I recommend reading the directions on the can before using. Also, you may want to test a small spot on the back of your plate first.**

How to get rid of scratches on dishes - Coupons4Utah

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