Step By Step Instructions For DIY Paper Fans

May 28, 2019

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DIY Paper Fans - Coupons4Utah

These adorable paper fans (sometimes called rosettes or pinwheels) are such a trendy and fun party decoration. They are perfect to use as a backdrop for a photo booth, behind a dessert table or even as an inexpensive art piece in a child's bedroom. However, they can be pricey to buy, especially the large ones. So why not make them yourself for just a few cents each!

DIY Paper Fans - Coupons4Utah

Wrapping paper is my favorite paper to make these fans out of. It is the perfect thickness, it folds nicely and it has a nice sheen. You can use regular paper, however, I wouldn't recommend making them out of cardstock because it's just too thick.

You will also need some clear tape, scissors, a glue gun and a piece of coordinating paper. The ruler and circle punch are optional. You could always eyeball your length and trace around a small bowl to get a perfect circle (that is if you are good at freehand cutting, which I am not).

DIY Paper Fans - Coupons4Utah

  1. Cut a strip of wrapping paper. The paper fan shown is made from a strip of wrapping paper that is 6"x 48". You can make these any size. My basic rule is to make the length 8 times as long as the width. Which is why wrapping paper is great, you can cut the piece any size you choose.DIY Paper Fans - Coupons4Utah
  2. Start folding the paper back and forth, like a fan, until you have folded the whole length of the paper.DIY Paper Fans - Coupons4Utah
  3. Next, bring both ends together and tape them together using clear tape. Make sure the tape is on the back side so that it won't show. Now you will have a continuous circle of folded paper. (If you are using regular paper, you may have to fold and tape together 3 or 4 lengths of paper together to make it long enough.)DIY Paper Fans - Coupons4Utah
  4. Stand the circle of paper up on a flat surface. Then pinch the top toward the center and start pushing down. The bottom will slide out and the top of the paper will become the center of the fan when the fan is flattened. DIY Paper Fans - Coupons4Utah5. Put a nickel-sized circle of hot glue in the center on the front. Let it dry and repeat on the back. Then glue a circle of the coordinating paper over the middle to cover the glue. 

DIY Paper Fans - Coupons4UtahAnd voila, you have a beautiful paper fan or rosette or pinwheel or whatever you want to call it! With so many different solid and patterned wrapping papers you can make them to match any upcoming party.  DIY Paper Fans - Coupons4Utah

Check out how cute they look when you layer them. 

DIY Paper Fans - Coupons4Utah

Shout out to my talented sister who made these rosettes for a fun flamingo themed bridal shower!More layered fans

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  1. ME
    Cute idea--I just LOVE this web-site! These pinwheels would also be nice to use as a substitute for a bow on a gift or to decorate the front of a gift bag! Thanks for the DIY how-too!
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