No Candy Easter Basket Ideas: Under $10

March 21, 2016

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Creative Ideas for Easter Baskets

I love celebrating holidays and I love celebrating Easter but Easter baskets can get expensive and making them inexpensive without candy can be pretty hard. It can easily turn into a "mini-Christmas"! In my family, 2 of my 5 kids have birthdays within a month of Easter so if I'm not careful it can be a really "egg"pensive month (sorry, couldn't help myself).

This year, I challenged myself to make creative, personalized, fun Easter baskets for under $10 each! I am so happy with the way they turned out. Keep scrolling down to see my tips and hints for making your own Easter baskets on the cheap without them looking cheap.

Teen Movie Basket

Older kids and teens can be tricky since many of their wants are expensive but with a little thought you can definitely make a fun Easter basket for preteens and teens. For this one I chose a movie theme.

Teen Boy Easter Basket

  1. Fiddle Faddle Popcorn -$1 at Dollar Tree
  2. DVD-$5 movie bin at Walmart
  3. Red Vines- $1 at Dollar Tree
  4. Red Box Gift Card-$1.20 -See how to buy Redbox codes online at Over The Moon.
  5. 3D Glasses- $1.00 at Zurchers

Easter Basket Idea Teen Boy

The grass, eggs and popcorn bucket were free. We recycle Easter grass and plastic eggs each year so I didn't include these items in the cost. I also didn't include the candy that I filled the eggs with because it was part of my grocery budget and was inexpensive with a sale and a coupon. I also don't put much candy in Easter baskets, they seems to get plenty from Grandparents, school, church and Easter egg hunts.

Tip #1 Shop your own house. I already had this inexpensive popcorn bucket so the "basket" didn't cost me anything.

Pop Corn Easter Basket

Tip #2 If you are using large baskets or buckets, fill them with newspaper first and then cover the top only with Easter grass. This will save you lots of money on Easter grass and help your items from falling down into the container where they won't be seen.

Pre Teen Girl Easter Basket Idea

I don't know a preteen girl between 8-13 who wouldn't love this Easter basket.

Tip #3 If you are filling the basket with smaller items like fingernail polish and lip balm, use a smaller basket.

Easter Basket

  1. 3 LA Colors Nail Polishes-$3 at Dollar Tree
  2. Flower Clip- .50 at Dollar Tree
  3. Storage Basket- .50 at Dollar Tree
  4. Nail Stickers-$1.00 at Dollar Tree
  5. Body Spray-$$2.88 at Walmart
  6. Sock in clear plastic egg-$.67 at Walmart
  7. Face Mask-$1.37 at Walmart

Easter Basket ideas

Tip #4 Attention to detail. I had this green plaid ribbon in my stash, weaving it through the holes in this basket didn't cost me anything but the attention to detail really added a personal touch to a plain basket.

sporty boy theme easter basket

I love this one! This University of Utah hat has to be one of the best finds of my Easter shopping at $5.00. This did use half my budget, but it make such a fun "basket".

Tip #5 Don't be afraid to spend  money on the basket if it is part of the gift.

  1. University of Utah Hat-$5 at Walmart
  2. Sour Patch Kids-$1 at Dollar Tree
  3. Colgate Toothpaste-$1 at Dollar Tree
  4. Silly Teeth-$1 at Dollar Tree
  5. 2 One Dollar Bills- $2 (Not pictured)

easter basket filler ideas

Tip #6 You don't have to put candy in eggs. There are 2-$1 bills in these eggs. You can also put notes, coins, small trinkets or coupons (no chores or stay up late) in plastic eggs.

This one is for a boy who is obsessed with Spiderman! Luckily for me it wasn't hard to find lots of fun Spiderman stuff at Dollar Tree.

spiderman easter basket

  1. Yo-yo-$1 at Dollar Tree
  2. Bubbles-$1 at Dollar Tree
  3. Glow in the Dark Wand-$1 at Dollar Tree
  4. Chocolate Spiderman-$2 at Walmart
  5. Bubble Bath-$2.78 at Walmart

Creative Easter Baskets For Under $10-Coupons4Utah

I saw this cute Spiderman Easter bucket at Walmart but at $5.98 it was way out of my budget but I knew I could make it for free. Using scrapbook paper left over from a birthday party (bought it on sale at Michaels for .20) and a bucket of ice cream with only a little bit left and I made the sacrifice to eat the ice cream so I could use the bucket!

How to make a Spiderman Easter Bucket

Tip#7  Recycle things that you were going to throw away. It's good for the environment and it's good for your Easter budget.

Easter Basket for Artist

I just adore this Artsy Easter Basket! I kinda wish someone would give it to me. Can you tell what the "basket" is?

Easter Basket Ideas No Candy

It's a Chick-Fil-A drink holder! They are so sturdy and have this great handle. I loved that it had four separate places to put stuff. This means that the budding artist can use it to store her art supplies. I decided to cover the lettering with chalkboard contact paper. This stuff is so cool! I've used it on multiple projects because it's super easy to use. However, you could also use paper, ribbon or paint to wrap around the drink holder.

Creative Easter Baskets For Under $10-Coupons4Utah

Tip #8  One of the ways I filled the art basket with so many items is that I found several things on clearance. It pays to go shopping when you have a few minutes to look for the hidden deals. Also, just like Christmas, Easter comes every year so be on the look out for toys and candy on clearance year round and put them away. Just don't forget where you put them!

Ideas for Making Easter Baskets

The back of this basket is just as fun as the front!

Cute Easter Baskets Under $10

I love this cute plastic Disney bag I found at Dollar Tree and every girl needs a great bag to carry all of her treasures! I also love how easy it is to make Easter baskets for little ones. They love everything and are usually easy to please.

Easter Basket Ideas

Tip #9 It's OK to put in practical things that the child needs (socks, underwear, sippy cups, toothbrush). They make great fillers and often take a lot of room.

Leave a comment-I want to know what are your tips for making Easter special on a budget?

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