How to throw a 4th of July Party on a Budget

June 29, 2017

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I love the 4th of July! I love the patriotism, the parades, the celebrations and the fireworks. I love getting together with family and friends to celebrate but like most holidays, it can get expensive with the BBQ's, fireworks, food, and decorations. So, today we have some fun ideas for throwing a big 4th of July Party on a Budget!

If you are having friends or family over for a BBQ we have some fun and inexpensive ideas for you. First, shop your Dollar Store and Target Dollar Spot for inexpensive party supplies. For this party, I am using a shiny red charger I got on clearance after Christmas. Then I layered a white plate and I used 4th of July paper dessert plate on top of that. I am using leftover wrapping paper as a table runner too. Look around and pull out all of your red, white or blue dishes, decorations, and craft supplies before going shopping.

For a fun and festive drink idea, we made Sparkling Blue Berry Punch. The punch consists of 1 -32 oz Blue Cherry Gatorade Fierce, 1/2 gallon Berry Blue Typhoon Hawaiian Punch and 1 liter of Lemon Lime Soda. Combine in a 1-gallon pitcher or container. Serve over ice.

Pop rock collage

For a fun twist, I brushed a small amount of corn syrup onto the glass and dipped it in red Pop Rock candy. Don't use water or the Pop Rocks will start popping like crazy. The corn syrup will cause a few pops but not too many. My kids LOVE how fun it is to drink out of these cups with the Pop Rocks popping in your mouth as you drink your Sparkling Punch! (Adding the Pop Rocks to the glass should be done right before you plan to serve the drink for best results.)

I love the way my Firecracker Pool Noodle Decorations turned out! I used one pool noodle ($1 at Dollar Tree) and 3 kinds of wrapping paper ($1 each at Michael's) along with some metallic star garland ($1 at Dollar Tree) and string (used Bakers Twine and Raffia that I already had) to make these. I figure each set cost around $2!

Cut the pool noodle to your desired length with a serrated bread knife. Wrap the wrapping paper around the noodle and tape together. Cut 3 or 4 lengths of metallic star garland and stick inside the pool noodle hole at the top. Then gather the wrapping paper and tie the twine around the paper and star garland at the top. I also used a little raffia to tie all 3 together but that is optional. These make a great centerpiece or you could use them out on the patio or even on a mantle.

The Firecracker Decorations turned out so cute, I couldn't help but make a Firecracker Favor using a roll of Rolo's, scrapbook paper, small star stickers and some more of the metallic star garland and a red and blue treat topper by Celebrate It at Michael's. Because of the caramel filled Rolo's, I could just stick the treat topper right into the candy.

Need to keep the kiddos busy for a few hours while you wait for it to get dark enough for fireworks? Have them make their very own Red and Blue Glitter Slime!

We have tried several different kinds of Slime and this is our favorite recipe so far because it is so stretchy! Go here to find the directions for the Glitter Slime. It works perfectly every time!

Now, let's talk fireworks. My mother in law always says, "she would rather go watch someone else burn their money". Going to a professional, free, firework display is a great option because it's well, free and you get to sit back and relax. We have a huge list of 4th of July Firework Displays and Events around the state to help you find a great display near you.

If you enjoy setting off your own fireworks, then we have you covered too. Check out this list of current Firework Discounts and Coupons to help save you some money.

Looking for some yummy patriotic treats? I highly recommend these Patriotic Popcorn recipes. They are family favorites at my house!

Happy 4th of July!


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