How To Save On Brand Name Clothes & Shoes

August 11, 2017

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Back to school is a very expensive time when you are sending 5 kids back to school! I am not much of a brand snob and I think it's important to teach kids that you can look perfectly "cool" without brand name clothes and shoes.

With that being said, there are times when I am looking for a good deal on brand name clothes and shoes. For instance, when my kids save up their own money to purchase something they want but we still want to get the best deal or when I buy Nike shoes for my teenage son because he wears the same pair every day and Nike tends to last the whole school year.

Here are some of the ways I have found to save a little money when I buy brand name items for my family.

  1. Outlet Malls - I have been able to find deals at Outlet stores like Nike, Under Armor and Aeropostale, especially when I shop the clearance section and use coupons like this one for 25% off at Tanger Outlets good through 8/20/17. You have to be careful at Outlet stores though. Know that not everything you find at an Outlet store is really a bargain. It's always a good idea to check the price of the item on your phone before deciding if it is really a good deal or not.
  2. Thrift Stores/Garage Sales - If you don't mind buying used clothes, you can find some very inexpensive, brand name clothes at places like Deseret Industries and Garage Sales. Thrifters and garage salers know the key is to go often and being willing to look through each rack or stack of clothes.
  3. Consignment Stores - If Thrift stores aren't your idea of fun, you can still purchase some gently used and even new pieces at great prices from Consignment Stores. The great thing about Consignment stores is that they tend to be very picky about what they accept, only taking like new and often high-end brand name clothing and shoes.
  4. Online Shopping - Some of the best places to look for deals on brand name deals online are eBay, Hautelook, Proozy, and Zulily.
  5. Sign Up For Store Emails & Reward Programs - Two of my favorites are Kohls and JCPenney's. They both offer excellent coupons, discounts, and sales. Even though brands like Nike, Levi, Under Armour and Addidas often don't allow coupons to be used on their products, you can still earn points towards future purchases and be alerted about upcoming sales on those brands. Don't forget to follow your favorite stores and brands on social media too, they will sometimes give exclusive coupons and deals to their loyal followers.
  6. Shop Discount Department Stores - Discount Department Stores like TJ Maxx, Burlington, Marshalls, and Nordstrom Rack receive excess designer merchandise and sell it at very discounted prices. Be warned, you will have to be willing to wade through racks and racks of clothes and you may or may not find what you are looking for. Don't forget to check the shoes and socks, they are easier to look through and can save you a lot on footwear too.
  7. Shop Off Season and Clearance - Whether you choose to shop online or in store, you can often score the best deals when you shop the clearance section and look for off season shoes and clothing.

It may take a little more time but with a little effort you can save money on brand name and designer items.

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