DIY Easy to Make Last Minute Costume Ideas for Kids

October 26, 2018

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Last Minute DIY Costume Ideas for Kids - Coupons4UtahHalloween is just around the corner. Are your kids ready for it? Many low cost costumes at the store have been picked over, but what fun is that anyway? Making the kids costumes can be a thrifty alternative, plus it gets their creativity going in the process. If you've put off getting your little one a costume or want something on the more creative side, this round-up list is for you.


Check out these easy to make last minute costume ideas for kids. Most can be done in few hours and are made with things you may already have or that can be found easily at your nearest craft store. 

Costumes for kids

Easy DIY Kids Costumes Ideas

Lion:  Make use of an aging sweatsuit that you already have in your kids closet. Then take a quick trip to the craft store for some faux fur. A simple make-up job and you're done. Instructions on It's all in the Fur.

Shark: This one is perfect for a chilly evening of trick or treating. Simple eyes and teeth are made with felt and stitched or hot glued on the hood. The fin requires just a quick few stitches on the sewing machine or cut out cardboard and paint it instead and viola. Instructions on Make It Love It

Skunk: This cute little skunk costume couldn't be much easier to make. A fur belly and white stripe added to black is all it takes. Instructions on Our House of Paint

Candy Costumes

Easy Sweet Treats Costume Ideas

Donut: Made from an inner tube and foam hair curlers that have been painted and you can transform into your favorite sweet treat. Yummy, I suddenly have a craving for a Dunford donut. Instructions on StudioDIY.

Candy Corn: Princesses and candy are two of a girls best friends. This costume spotted on Etsy combines both into one sweet bit of cuteness. Layer tutu's or use gathered toile, then tie an orange ribbon at the waist. Use felt for the corn headband and your little one will be the sweetest on the block. 

Cupcake Costume

Cupcake: The bottom of the cupcake is a lamp shade turned upside down and covered with silver Duck Tape. Then attach 2 pieces of ribbon to the front and back of the lamp shade to make shoulder straps.

The frosting is a plastic mesh fabric called, Deco Mesh. Attach the first layer of mesh to the inside of the lamp shade with duck tape and continue to wrap the mesh around adding more layers. (You may want to secure the layers with hot glue, safety pins, or stitch with needle and thread.) Hot glue pom poms onto the mesh for "sprinkles". For the headband, make a bow out of the Deco Mesh and attach to a headband with a cherry made out of a red tomato pin cushion and pipe cleaner using hot glue.

Halloween Homemade Cosutmes

Scary Homemade Costumes for Kids

Mummy: Cut up an old white sheet and make them looked aged by soaking them in a sink full of tea bags. Then stitch or hot glue them on a sweat shirt and pants. Instructions on Kelly Gorney Photography.

A Ghost: This ghostly costume takes a white sheet to a whole new level. Don't shy away from this one, it's easier than it looks. Instructions for this and several others on Coolest Homemade Costumes

A Bat: This one is genius in my option and something I might make for my own cosplay. Before you throw that old broken umbrella away give it new life as bat wings at your next halloween gala. Instructions Mother Natured

Costume Clark Kent, Jedi Knight

Easy to make Hero Costumes

Clark Kent: Use dress clothes and a white button up shirt with a Superman T-shirt underneath to create this super fast Clark Kent costume. Superman Shirts are easily found at most big box stores for $5-$10. Pop the lenses out of a pair of glasses from Dollar Tree and voila, Clark Kent.

Jedi Knight: This Jedi costume is simply a brown robe with a hood and a homemade light saber made from a pool noodle and silver and black Duck Tape. Light saber inspired by Tastefully Frugal.

DIY Costumes for Kids

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: This is a clever idea. Paint up a turkey roaster for the shell of your favorite turtle. All that's left is to add a mask and maybe a toy weapon. Instructions on Betty Crocker

Toothless: This adorable How to Train Your Dragon Toothless costume is one that can easily be made at home with black sweat pants and a hoodie. Instructions on Tried and True blog.

Olaf: We see tons of little Elsa princesses running about, but why not shake things up with Olaf. This one that I spotted on eBay puts leotards to work, but I'd suggest using cozy sweat pants instead. Then just add your white tutu and felt cut out with your trusty glue gone. 

pony costume

Tried and True Easy Costume Ideas

My Little Pony or a Unicorn: These are oldies but a goodies. Embellish sweat pants and a hoodie with the character of your choice using felt strips or a colorful wig. Add some wings and the characters symbol and you have a costume that will get a lot pretend play even after halloween is over. Instructions: Kollabora and Just Deanna

Costume Care Bear

Care Bear: Start with a matching pair of pants and hoodie. Embellish with felt tummy, ears, pom pom tail and a pair of matching gloves. To attach the felt accents, use either safety pins, Velcro or fabric glue. To get the ears to stand up, use a stiffened felt or this tutorial that uses pipe cleaner.

Easy Costumes

Super Easy Last Minute Costume Ideas

A Stick Figure: This one is so simple there's no excuse for not dressing up. Black electricians tap on a white sweatsuit and a home made cardboard mask. Photo All for the Boys

A Cactus: A little yarn with a flower on top is all it take for this creative idea. If you don't want to make the flower you could glue some giant silk flowers on the hood instead.

A Robber: A striped black and white shirt, black pants and mask are all you need for this one. Add a money bag and your little one is ready to rob for candy. Instructions Make it with Love

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