5 Minute Guacamole

May 4, 2018

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It wasn’t until about 10 years ago that I realized I LOVE AVOCADOS! They are so rich and creamy and full of flavor. Avocados are high in healthy omega 3 fatty acids which means they can help lower cholesterol and improve heart health. Did you know they are also a good source of fiber and contain more potassium than a banana? They are also low in sugar and higher in protein than most other fruits.

Yes, they are a fruit because they grow on trees. I would love to have an avocado tree in my backyard if only they would last through our cold winters! Some of my favorite ways to use avocados are on sandwiches and salads, on any kind of Mexican food and of course, Guacamole!

5 Minute Guacamole-Coupons4Utah

A few years ago I had some ripe avocados that I needed to use but didn’t have any cilantro or peppers on hand. As I looked at my regular guacamole recipe, I had an “ah-ha” moment. My guacamole recipe called for all of the same ingredients that are in salsa- tomatoes, onion, cilantro, garlic and jalapeno! I thought, why not just put in a tablespoon or two of salsa with my mashed avocado and that is how my 5 Minute Guacamole was born.

Guacamole IngredientsYou could have a pretty amazing guacamole with just avocado and salsa but I think a little lime juice (fresh or from a bottle) and dash of salt make it perfect. (The lime juice helps to slow down the oxidation of the avocado as well as gives it a fresh flavor.)
If you are new to avocados, here is the easiest way to get to the flesh of the fruit.

5 Minute Guacamole-Coupons4UtahFirst, with a sharp knife, cut vertically around the large pit in the center. (BTW, don’t let the green knife confuse you, it's just a regular knife from a Cuisinart knife set that is color coded to avoid cross contamination. I love them. If you are looking for a new knife set, check these out, they are the #1 selling cutlery set on Amazon.)

5 Minute Guacamole-Coupons4UtahNext, hold onto each side of the avocado and twist in opposite directions.

5 Minute Guacamole-Coupons4UtahThe large pit will stay in one side of the avocado.

Holding the avocado in the palm of your hand, firmly but carefully tap the pit with your knife until the knife lodges in the pit. (You can put a folded up towel under the avocado to protect your hand until you are comfortable with this step.)

Guacamole-Coupons4UtahTwist the knife and the pit should twist out of the avocado. Then tap the handle of the knife on the edge of the sink, bowl or garbage can and pit will fall off so that you can discard it.

5 Minute Guacamole-Coupons4UtahWith the tip of your knife, cut a grid pattern into the flesh, being careful to not go through the skin. Then using a spoon, scoop under the flesh to separate from the skin.

5 Minute Guacamole-Coupons4Utah5 Minute Guacamole
1 Ripe Avocado
1-2 Tablespoons of your favorite salsa
½ lime, juiced
Salt, to taste
Add avocado, salsa, lime juice and salt and mash with a fork to desired consistency.

5 Minute Guacamole-Coupons4Utah
Give this recipe a try for Cinco de Mayo or for a quick taco night and I promise you won’t be sorry!

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