Air Fryer Review and Deal – Chefman Air Fryer $49.99 (reg $120)

November 1, 2018

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Independent review not compensated or associated with Chefman
By J’Nel Wright

Only for a limited time Chefman air fryer used in our review for just $49.99 (reg. $119.99) from Best Buy. Even better, shipping is free!

Let’s face it. Deep-fried eats have an endearing quality about them. It’s one of those eating moments where if walking away from a plate of crispy onion rings is wrong, we simply don’t wanna be right. But help may be closer than you think. Have you heard of an air fryer? Variations of this appliance are making their mark on a variety of home shopping channels and late-night infomercials for a couple of years. But what are they, and could they be a viable substitute for the beloved deep fryer?

The idea of air frying is nothing new. People have been cooking with circulating air since the arrival of the microwave in the 1970s. With today's technology, a powerful fan circulates hot air at high temperatures that surrounds the food as it cooks it. The result is a crispy texture with no oil or added fat. But can a fryer that doesn’t use oil create delicious foods that satisfy as only a fried food can? My adventure began with a Chefman Air Fryer that is on an incredible deal today only (9/27) for $39.99 (reg. $119) and ten common fried food choices. 


1.Hash browns
As the cornerstone of a country breakfast, the air fryer brought on a first in our house--hash browns on a weekday morning. The potatoes were crispy on the outside and deliriously light and tender on the inside.


2. Chicken nuggets
Go ahead and buy the high-quality ones. You’ll be glad you did. The chicken turned out crispy and flavorful.

3. Tater tots
Here is the good news: It is incredibly easy to fry up some tots at the drop of a hat. From a health standpoint, that may also be the bad news.


4. French fries
Some things are just meant to be together; Peanut butter and jelly, Steph Curry and basketball, and roller coasters and nausea. Well, French fries and air fryers are two of those things. The fries turned out golden, light, and utterly delicious. Bring on the ugly cry!


5. Apple turnovers
A recipe from Pinterest suggested using egg roll wrappers with pie filling. Meh, it was ok. It wasn’t very flavorful nor comforting. I figure if you want to dazzle the family with an apple dessert—invest some time into it and really make them proud.


6. Cheese sticks
This underdog was a pleasant surprise. Normally, the cheese sticks spread all over the cookie sheet, leaving a hollow bread shell. In the air fryer, the sticks remain intact, melty, and really tasty.


7. Potstickers
This was another surprise addition to the test. Per conventional cooking instructions, potstickers end up a bit on the mushy side. In the air fryer, the shell was crispy and the filling was really moist. This was likely my favorite taste test.

8. Corn Dogs
When you aren’t consuming french fries by the handfuls, these should be a close second. They come out brown, crisp, not doughy, and really delicious.

9. Fried Zucchini
In this case, the air fryer met its match. Even a crispy morsel of vitamins and minerals couldn’t win over my family. This test item will need further research.


10. Crescent rolls
. . . As will this one. I loved the light texture of the roll, but the inside remained a little too doughy. It could be that I was frying at the wrong temperature. This will need more testing, for sure.

Overall, my family was really happy with the air fryer’s performance. It took some of our favorite foods and made them better by eliminating the need for oil to cook. Food was easy to prepare, the cook time was reduced since there is no waiting for oil to heat up, and the flavor was great. Best of all, there will be little need to heat up the oven this summer. Now, we are really cooking!

Do you have an Air Fryer? What's your favorite thing to prepare in it?

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