14 Ideas to Keep the Kids Busy for Spring Break

March 22, 2019

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14 Activites for Spring Break for Utah Families

Several years ago we started a fun tradition during the week the kids were out of school for spring break. I knew that if I didn’t plan some fun activities they would soon become “bored” and would spend much of their vacation in front of a screen. So I decided to plan a theme for each day that would get all of us out, having fun and doing hands on activities.

Keep in mind, I didn't “entertain” them all day. Based on the ages of my kids and the fact that one of them still needs a nap, we spent about half the day doing our themed activities but the rest of the day was spent doing chores, playing with friends and free time. For our family it was the perfect blend of fun and relaxation. Now the kids look forward to Spring Break each year with a lot of anticipation. And, it’s way cheaper than taking a vacation!

Here's a list of 14 theme activities for Spring Break to get your creative juices flowing. The world is your oyster! You and your kids will have the most fun if you are doing things that they will enjoy. You can customize these based on your time, kid’s ages, location, interests, needs and budget.

spring break

• Prehistoric Day - Start your day off with Quaker Dinosaur Eggs Oatmeal, visit a local dinosaur museum, monument or park, make Fossil Cookies, play games and watch videos at PBS Dinosaur Train, or excavate and assemble a Tyrannosaurus with this kit from the Smithsonian.

Aquarium Coupons4Utah

• Ocean Day - Visit the Living Planet Aquarium, go swimming, pack snacks of Goldfish Crackers, Swedish Fish and Gummy Sharks or stop by Sonic for an Ocean Water Drink (drinks are half price between 2-4 pm), or make some of these fun Ocean Crafts.

Wheeler Farm Coupons4Utah

• Farm Day - Visit Wheeler Historic Farm, Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point or This is the Place Heritage Park are great places to visit a petting zoo. Watch the movie Babe ($7.99 Amazon) or Charlotte's Web ($5.99 Amazon Blu-ray), make butter at home and don’t forget to pick up some lunch from Dickeys BBQ (save money with these coupons).

Window Shopping Coupons4Utah

• Shopping Day - You may be thinking I’ve lost my mind with this one! But shopping with kids can be a really good way to teach them about money or you can just go window shopping. This would be a fun one if you have girls but there are lots of fun stores that boys love too, Scheels, Cabela’s or The Lego Store. For a slightly different twist, give each child a dollar and let them choose a gift at the dollar store for another member of the family and exchange them over lunch or dinner.

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• Service Day - Even young kids recognize the good feeling of doing something kind for someone else, but it can be tricky to find service opportunities for kids. Think of someone who could use some help and take them a meal, visit, or do yard work for them. Another option is to arrange to go to a nursing home and play games with the residents. There are also opportunities to donate blankets and more to Primary Children’s Hospital. For more possibilities, go to Utah Commission on Volunteers.

• Movie Day - Go see a movie in the theater (tips for saving money at the movies here). But if going out to a movie isn’t in the cards then rent or download a movie at home. For a more creative approach, let the kids write, direct and shoot their own movie. Either way you do it, don’t forget the popcorn!

something new

• New Day - I have a tendency to get in a rut and always do the same things, eat the same things and go the same places. So for one whole day try to do NEW things. Try a new recipe, a new place to eat (see some great deals here), new park, new game or new activity (check out these coupons for fun activities).

• Art Day - How much fun would breakfast be if you let your kids paint on their toast? Then visit a museum of art near you (check with your closest University or college), go to a hands on art studio, such as Color Me Mine or find fun art projects or craft kits to do at home. Your budding artists will be hungry so plan a colorful snack, Skittles, Rainbow Twizzlers or colorful fruit kabobs.

Earth Day Coupons4Utah

• Earth Day - Get out and enjoy nature. Depending on the weather you could take a hike (check out this awesome list of Day Hikes in Utah) or nature walk or even go sledding, after all Spring in Utah is very unpredictable! At home you could make this awesome compost bin. These simple Earth Day Cookies are the perfect end to a day of earth friendly activities.



• Sports Day - If you want a fun sports adventure, check out the Utah Grizzlies in action at the Maverick Center (best deal for tickets). If you can’t get out, then bring the sports to you and host a neighborhood soccer, football or basketball game. In case of bad weather, you may have to settle for some Indoor Balloon Badminton. Don’t forget the sports themed snacks like Cracker Jacks, Gatorade or these SUPER simple Sport Fruit Cups.

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• Book Day - My kids love to read and they go through a lot of books so we love a trip to the library. Libraries have so much to offer these days. You may want to check your libraries calendar for fun activities during spring break. At home, the kids can each make their own bookmarks. Check out these adorable options on Pinterest. Then make up some of the cute Book Worm Treats and have a family read-a-thon!

Utah Genealogy

• Ancestor Day - Knowing about your ancestors can be really fascinating, even for children. If you have living parents or grandparents, go visit and record their stories and ask them questions. Make a family recipe together such as “Great Grandma’s Fudge” or take this chance to work on a family scrapbook with your kids or sort through and organize old family photos. For more ideas, check out this list of genealogy activities for kids.

Game Day

Game Day - Board games are a great way for kids to learn about winning and losing and strategy. If you want to get out of the house, go to an arcade or go bowling. If you want to get creative, let the kids design their own board game out of Legos or try making a bean bag toss.

Museum of Natural Curiosity

• Science Day - Visit the Museum of Natural Curiosity or go geocaching. My kids love to do science experiments. You can find ideas for all ages online or if you prefer there are some great kits. And for a yummy lesson on genetics, make these DNA Strands out of marshmallows, licorice and toothpicks.

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