Who You Should Vote for in Election 2016

October 14, 2016

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Written by Joani

Okay my deal seeking friends, it is time for a personal post. As you know, I don't indulge often in personal posts. My goal is to help you with value for your life, not provide me with an outlet. In the past I've called these Freak-out Friday posts and, since it's Friday and given the subject, that seems like an appropriate title for today. Yes, I'm about to talk politics on a Coupon Blog.

2016 Presidential Ballot

1,000's of Utahns, including myself, received their voting ballot in the mail yesterday. With this heated election I've talked with many of friends that feel a great sense of relief and were racing to the mailbox the very same day in hopes of getting it over with. For me though, I was saying to myself, hold the voting train up. One of the nice things about voting by mail is that it gives me time to consider and research candidates I had not thought of, like Utah judges and school board officials for example... OR President of the United States perhaps.

Is a candidate that brings out this much hate in people who we want for President?

Is a candidate that brings out this much hate in people who we want for President?


Yes, I am still one of the undecideds. Call me what you want, a "sexist pig," a women with "no values," "stupid" or even just plane "wishy washy." I've heard and seen them all and worse on Facebook and Twitter. There have been so many hateful meme's and well intended jokes coming from public figures I admire and even my dearest friends; how could I possibly be a "college educated women and still be in conflict?" to which I ask, "how could you not?"

Party Politics

In my life I have voted for both republicans, democrats and independents for our state and national leaders, and I take pride in that. While I do tend to lean toward one particular party, it has never been my deciding factor. I've always voted with the best knowledge, ability and conscience that I have at the time.

Have I been wrong in my vote? That's perspective. Do I always choose a winner? Of course not. But, I don't look at voting as winning a race, to me voting that way is a dangerous game and gives up balance and choices. It is not them against us. It's Americans for America. Have we forgotten already?

Other Candidates Running for President

My personal feeling has been that neither of these two major candidates pass any test of competence and moral values to run our amazing country. I have never felt so saddened at the thought of casting my vote. How can this be what America is standing for?


Frustrated as I believe many of you are, I have began to research the other alternatives. While I typically don't find need to look much at them, this election is much different and leaves me begging for a real debate, instead of the Soap Opera drama we have seen in recent past.

That's when former CIA operative and current House Chief Policy Director, Utah born, Seattle raised mormon, Evan McMullin caught my eye. He claims he decided to run as and independent because he was frustrated just like many of us. If you haven't yet, I would suggest you research not only this candidate but all others, and learn why Mr. McMullin thinks he can win, even if he doesn't get enough votes.

Yeh, I get it, it's a long shot, but the words of this one candidate have offered me a glimmer of hope, and for me that is 10 fold what I have received from either of the major party candidates. Now before you comment; YES, I know all the in's and out's of electoral voting and I know the controversy surrounding this man. NO, I don't agree with everything he says and NO, I don't need a lesson on religious scriptures.

The truth is, none of this should matter when casting a vote. You will NEVER agree 100% with your candidate, will not always have the same religious beliefs, there will always be controversy surrounding them, and you can only change the electorate with your vote. Get used to it.

It's undeniable that if every American had done that for the decades prior to election 2016, we would not be in this mess. So why are we doing it now?

I truly don't care who you vote for or why. This post isn't an endorsement and changing or solidifying your vote isn't my point. If you are one of the decided based on party, I can respect that. My hope is only for all Americans to vote what they feel is right based on the issues that are important to them for this amazing country we all must share.

If you feel you are voting for the lesser of two evils though, you leave me scratching my head. Is there one? And, why would you throw your vote away on the lesser of evil when there might be someone that you can feel good about instead? There are 10 people on the Utah ballot running for President. Google them, watch their interviews, visit their websites. You do have a choice.

Who's Running for President in 2016?

Here's a list of who's on the Utah Ballot. You can start reading more about each one on vote.utah.gov. Evan McMullin, Darrell L. Castle, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Alyson Kennedy, Rocky Giordani, Hillary Rodham Clinton, "Rocky" Roque De La Fuente, Donald L. Trump. Monica Morehead. Which one will YOU CHOOSE?

Where Will We Be in 8 Years?

Am I living in the fantasy of a perfect world? Maybe, but if we don't consider all candidates and choose with our voice, our voices will never matter. You can be damn sure of this, I will be voting with more enthusiasm, tenacity and determination than I've ever had before in hopes of getting it right, even if it means I have to wait until the bitter end, pass on sending in my ballot and make my way to the voting booth instead.


In just 8 short years, that's only two presidential terms, my granddaughter will almost be old enough to vote for herself. I hope to feel proud of America, knowing I gave her the life she has, because I chose from the best choices I had at the time. My greatest hope for this country is that we give the gift of making the next generation have a vote that matters.

This is where I'd like to leave an inspiring quote. However, most all of the inspiring political quotes that come to mind were either written by a Republican, a Democrat, or an Independent. Go figure......

Some reminders for Utah voters

Political Ballot

If you are feeling uninformed about our local candidates, visit vote-ut.org for the run down on each one. I'd also suggest you check out their social media and websites.

Voters voting by mail, make sure to sign your envelope or your vote will not be counted.

If you aren't registered to vote you can register to vote online at UtahGov.com as long as it's 7 days prior to the election.

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4 Responses

  1. Thank you for writing this piece. Too many people complain about the system but then refuse to do anything about it. If we want change, we must vote for change or we will forever be stuck choosing between the lesser of two evils. Many people try to tell me that my third-party vote is wasted. I always remind them that, statistically speaking, my one vote does not matter. The chances of an election being decided by one vote are astronomically low. Why not vote for someone I actually believe in? I will be able to sleep well knowing that I did not sell out to a candidate that I merely disliked less than the other person.

    Also, every vote for a third-party helps the party in the long-term once they get 5% of the national vote. Once a party receives 5% of the votes it is eligible for federal election grants equal to the number of votes. In 2012, if a third-party had reached 5%, they would’ve been given almost $10 million dollars to start the 2016 campaign with. This is EXTREMELY helpful for getting platform and name recognition out to the populace so that people are aware they have a third option. So vote your conscience and know that it’s not wasted if it’s for a third-party!

    • That’s interesting Trey. I didn’t know that. There’s so much corruption, trickery and deceit up there. They have purposely made it difficult to sort out. With money being the root of it, I personally would like to see the amount a candidate is allowed to spend on their campaign capped. That would put them all on a level playing field and candidates would have to choose more carefully about which special interest groups they accept that money from and where to spend it.

  2. Timely, worthwhile words! Thank you for standing up for a better America. What madness this election is–& I get frustrated when people say “vote for the lesser evil”–sometimes instead you
    find yourself picking between two “equal evils” (or two untenable choices): like a man being required to pick the method of his own demise: a noose or poison? Both options are awful EQUALLY for different reasons–& neither is a “lesser evil.” They are just different tortuous methods to accomplish the same sad task–for they end in the same sad result. It’s just comes down to blocking out which method of demise the doomed one can stand the thought of the least. The same goes with the choices facing many voters now. May America rise to her feet and find the right way home. Thank you for pointing out other options. P.S. I heard there may soon be “A Convention of States” to create a more responsive Federal government with perhaps term limits put on congressional members, perhaps a Balanced Budget amendment to the Constitution maybe, & etc.–if so it will be one for the history books. Delegates have been sent from each state I was told to hold a mock practice run–& apparently it was a success. Let freedom ring.

    • Thanks for the comment M.E. That would be what I call progress.

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