Quick and Easy Graduation Candy Jar

May 23, 2019

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Easy and Quick Graduation Gift - Coupons4Utah

It's that time of year again, where the graduation announcements start to pile up on the fridge! My cute niece graduated from BYU recently and I thought I would share with you this quick and easy graduation candy jar that I made for her.

Inexpensive Graduation Gift - Coupons4Utah

One of the great things about this project is that it doesn't require many supplies and you might already have some of them around your house. I choose this Large Ball Mason Jar from Target. It was $9.99 but I liked the shape and knew that my niece could use it for a hundred different uses in her new apartment. However, you could use any size jar for this project. You will also need 1 piece of cardstock to match the graduate's school colors. You will also need some twine, yarn or embroidery thread. I used blue and white bakers twine because it matched BYU's colors so well. Last, you will need a button.

Quick and Easy Graduation Gift - Coupons4Utah

Measure the height of the jar's lid and cut a strip (or two) of paper the same size. With the remaining paper, cut a square that is larger than the top of the lid. (The exact size will obviously depend on the size of the jar and lid.)

How to make a tassle

Wrap the twine in a circle around your hand 6 or 7 times. Them pinch the twine together at the top and tie off with a small piece of twine. Next, using sharp scissors, cut the bottom of the loops off so that you have just fringe. Also trim the top of the loops off, just above the knot that is holding all of the pieces together. Last, tie a long piece of twine around the original tassel knot. (Make sure to leave the ends long enough that the tassel can hang from the middle of the hat over the side.)

Easy Graduation Gift Jar - Coupons4Utah

Wrap the strip(s) of paper around the jar lid. I used masking tape to secure the paper so that it would be easily removed but you could also use hot glue. Tape the square onto the top of the lid and hot glue the ends of the tassel the the middle of the square and cover with a button.

Easy Graduation Gift Jar - Coupons4Utah

You could fill your jar with any kind of candy (or even money). But I choose candy based on a little note that I wrote and wrapped up like a diploma. Here is what it said,


So glad you've had a "ball" at BYU. You are a "smarty" pants and a book "worm" who deserves that class "ring".

We are so excited for your new job and hope your first paycheck is "100 Grand".



**You can change the candy and/or note to fit a High School graduate too!

Graduation Gift Jar - Coupons4Utah





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