How to Add Drawer Pulls To A Plain Dresser In Less Than 30 Minutes

May 31, 2019

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Today, I want to show you how to quickly and easily customize a basic piece of furniture just by adding drawer pulls.

My daughter wanted to change up her bedroom a bit and make it a little more grown up. I knew we could reuse all of her existing paint, carpet and furniture because they were all neutral, except for her nightstand. It was too small and had seen better days! 

Since we were keeping her white furniture, we decided that this Room Essential Modern 3-Drawer Dresser from Target (No longer available) would add some nice clean lines to the room and fit the space well. It will give her more storage than a traditional nightstand too.

The only problem was that it was boring and a bit cheap looking. So we headed to Lowe's and found these awesome Brainerd 3 inch Brass Bar Pulls for $6.08 each. It did add $18 to the price of the dresser but even after adding the pulls, it was still under $100 for this new and functional nightstand/dresser.

Here is how to easily add new drawer pulls (and a whole new look) to a plain piece of furniture in less than 30 minutes.

Tools Needed:
Straight Edge
Measuring Tape
Utility Knife
Level (optional)


First, we made a template using some of the cardboard that the dresser came in and cut it with a utility knife to the exact size of the drawer fronts. Be sure to use a measuring tape and straight edge to make sure it is exactly the same size as the drawer front. (The template is to help you ensure that all of the pulls are located in the exact same place on each drawer.)

Using your straight edge, measuring tape and pencil, mark on the cardboard where you want the drawer pull to be located. If you have a long pull like we did, be sure it is straight and centered in the middle of the cardboard template. Poke a hole in the cardboard where your screws will be located.

Next, place the cardboard on the front of the drawer and with your pencil mark for the screw holes. Repeat this process on each drawer. (It may be helpful to have a second pair of hands to hold the cardboard onto the drawer front so that it doesn't slip while you are marking for the screws.

Using a drill bit the same size as the screws that came with your drawer pulls, drill all of the holes using your pencil markings as guides.

Screw on the drawer pulls with a screw driver.

Voila! Drawer pulls can add so much to a plain piece of furniture and are an inexpensive way to customize your furniture and make it look more expensive! Taking a few extra moments to make a cardboard template will pay off in the end when all of the pulls are lined up exactly. 


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